Engage your peers, instructors, students, colleagues and others through the new digital Jayhawk Cloud built on Microsoft Teams.

Built on Microsoft Teams, the Jayhawk Cloud can be used for formal and informal student groups, teaching and learning, research collaboration, staff collaboration and many other purposes. Create public or private groups, chat, video conference, share and collaborate on documents, post recordings, caption speech and much more. To access the Jayhawk Cloud, the first step is to start using Teams. Review the information and follow the links below to begin.

Get started

Install and learn the basics

Find out where you can download Microsoft Teams, the foundation of the Jayhawk Cloud, and view guides and tutorials to learn the basics.

Sign up for a workshop

KU IT hosts online workshops to help you get started with Teams. Register for general training or sign up for a session tailored for academic courses.

Instructors: Learn about use in courses

The IT Educational Technology group has tailored services and training for instructors.

Get help

Need assistance with technology, including the Jayhawk Cloud? Contact the KU IT Customer Service Center.
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“From my experience, I actually like Teams way more than any other platform. In my mind, I see it as a way to eliminate all the other apps used by student groups, such as Slack, GroupMe, Facebook Messenger, and to just have one place, a central hub.”

KU Undergraduate Student

Introduction to the Jayhawk Cloud

with KU Senior Adrian Cisneros
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“Everything sounded suited to business. ... My teaching colleagues get anxious about that, but you sold me on Teams because of the academic possibilities.”

KU Faculty Member
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Vision for the Jayhawk Cloud

The Jayhawk Cloud is an engaging informational and accessible networking hub where are Jayhawks can create, discover, and share knowledge and nurture relationships, building a diverse and inclusive community.

View the report
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“Certainly for fostering class discussions and class engagement, I think that it has a huge advantage compared to Zoom. I love all the versatility that Teams offers, especially with the chat features.”

KU Graduate Student
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“As a student who is new to KU, I like using Teams because it provides a central place for everyone to come together and get information.”

KU Graduate Student